Welcome to Cartwright Lighting Associates

We are a Lighting Agency based in Glasgow with clients throughout Scotland. They include Architects, Interior Designers, Consultant Engineers, Electrical Contractors and Local Authorities. Established in 2005, we have grown through significant knowledge based on creative lighting solutions and many years of experience.

We are the Scottish agents for AnolisBrightgreen, Coughtrie, GhidiniReggiani, and Ridi/Spectral. All of which combine a passion for Creativity, Quality, Efficiency and Value.

We also offer Architectural interior and exterior fixtures, Street lighting, Commercial, Schools lighting and quality IP rated landscape lighting (Ridi/Spectral and Reggiani for more details).

In all cases we are very happy to do practical lighting demonstrations on site and leave samples with you or your clients – just call Angus Cartwright on 07737 255852

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